Fleet by Brian Marshall


A man, lost and naked, on the streets of Manhattan, pleading in an unknown tongue. The retired linguist who realizes it’s an archaic Greek, unspoken for three thousand years. And the young woman who befriends them both, just in time for an unlikely quest. From New York to LA, Nebraska to Delphi, Fleet travels a labyrinth, with a mystery as old as mankind lying at its very heart.



Recipe for a cult classic: mix one part mystery novel with one part literary thriller, add a dollop of comic book—simmer and season with aliens. Consume! I found Fleet to be utterly delicious.

Rosaleen Bertolino—Author The Wandering Mother

Fleet blends genres (I won’t say which ones) with remarkable grace, and the result is a wonderfully exciting, thought-provoking adventure. If you’re looking for a unique, absorbing read, stop looking. This is it.

Tom Gartner—Buyer, Books Inc., San Francisco

Fleet is whip-smart fun, a delightful read, filled with fully realized characters and sprinkled with insane cleverness. Find a fireplace and a cozy chair, lay in some provisions, and prepare to binge read it from cover to cover.

Katherine Nolan—Author Aphrodite in Jeans

Fleet is now available as an e-book from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Or order a print copy shipped to your front door through our Paypal link ($10.00 plus $4.00 shipping & handling).